All the work done by the Student Policy Initiative is done through projects. Whenever there is an issue that a member is interested in pursuing, they bring the idea to the meeting to see if there is enough interest among other members to start a project on it. If there is, a project leader is appointed and anyone interested in the project joins the project team.

The club is currently focused on two projects:

The Opportunity Block

Opportunity block project The opportunity block is a new 30-minute period at the end of the GHS school day. It was created as part of an effort to reduce the time missed by athletes and increase extracurricular engagement.

While it has been somewhat successful in achieving these aims, SPI believes that much more can be done to improve the block. Click to learn more.

Ranked-choice Voting

Ranked-choice voting is an innovative voting system where, instead of choosing just one candidate, voters can rank as many as they want. It is designed to require candidates to appeal to a broader base of voters while still requiring strong top choice support and to eliminate the "spoiler" effect that is all too common in first-past-the-post voting.

SPI has been working with Connecticut State Senator Alex Bergstein to advance the cause of Ranked-choice voting in Connecticut. Click to learn more.
Ranked-choice voting project

While these two projects make up the bulk of the Student Policy Initiative's work, there are several other ideas that are also being considered, including:
These ideas are all very promising, but the club always makes sure of two things before adopting a project: 1) there is significant, sustained interest in the idea, and 2) the club's stance on the issue is well-supported and well-reasoned. It is likely that, if these ideas stand up to these criteria, they will soon be SPI projects.